About Us
Satark India - Live Free is the most simple, smart and easy way to call for help. This app gives you the freedom to venture out and yet keeps you always connected to your safety network - your loved ones.

With crime on women on the rise, women safety is of great concern to Indian families. Women feel they no longer have the privilege to live freely and are often restricted from being out after a certain time. While they see the opposite gender reap the benefits. Not just the women but also the elder feel unsecure to be on their own, they fear they might not be able to reach out for help in times of need, be it medical or safety. To bring an end to such fears and worries, we have developed a women safety app i.e. ‘’SATARK INDIA’’, an app made in India for India.

All you need to do is to install the app on mobile and add the contact details of the person you would like to alert in times of need. Once done your personalized security network is set for you. You can simple tap on the one touch emergency button to alert your contacts. With GPS tracking feature, your contact will get your live location. This location is a crucial data to reach you when in need.

This app is not only for the women but everyone can use this app, This app provides you the personal safety to live life with freedom, and have the confidence that if something doesn’t seem right, you are just one click away from safety.
Be it your spouse, young kids, old parents we all feel the need to locate and protect each other, the smartest way to stay connected for the help and never be alone is to download the ‘’Satark India’’ app and don’t forget to tell your relatives and friends about this wonderful app.

Satark India – Safety is a choice you make.